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The End of the Sky, But Not the Anime

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 12: For some reason, I assumed this was the final episode. It’s not. The highlight of the episode for me was Ari calling Ingacio a tsundere.

Toriko Episode 146: The deviation from the manga to bring the anime to an end is driving me insane. All I can say is: please read the manga, people! It’s so worth it! Though Toriko turning Super Saiyan was kind of mind-blowing…but it did make me feel a little uncomfortable. >_<

Yowapeda Episode 24: Abs Abs Abs! What is with this guy, he’s ridiculous! His pecs are named Andy & Frank?! Could the characters in this show get any better?


Yowapeda Episode 23: This episode just reinforced a theory of mine that there are few things more obnoxious than a reformed fat kid.

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 11: I am so glad I stuck with this series! Episodes like this one make it worth it. Though I couldn’t help but wonder how Kal could possibly hear Claire when he’s in a freakin’ plane? Or maybe it wasn’t the hearing that mattered, but just her saying it and admitting it to herself? Regardless, great episode.

What I Watched 3-9-2014

Inari Kon Kon Episode 8: YES! This is the impulsive-yet-awkward-hug episode we’ve been waiting for! Or that *I’ve* been waiting for, at least.

Noragami Episode 10: Really love this show. It makes my eyes happy. And we’re kind of getting a weird crossover in circumstances with Inari Kon Kon and gods getting too close to humans and Nagi Asu with important things forgotten… speaking of:

Nagi no Asukara Episode 22: I might have said this already, but I vote for a spinoff featuring just Uroko-sama. Yes, I do want to see what happens to these poor kids, but he is my favorite character. Manaka…is my least favorite. I wasn’t that torn up about this episode’s revelation; if you want heartbreak, you should watch…

Samurai Flamenco Episode 19: GOTO-SANNNNNNN! Seriously, though, didn’t we all kind of expect something like this? I am so loving this series. I think it’s just brilliant. Though I did have an awkward moment where I thought, “If he weren’t adorable Goto-san, I’d think he was creepy. Instead I just want to hug him.” Maybe one of those impulsive-yet-awkward hugs from Inari Kon Kon..? But anyway, speaking of expected revelations, we finally got a couple in:

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 10: Nina Viento! I should really have a softer heard for poor Kal-el but maybe he shouldn’t have rushed into things so quickly, hmm? Ignacio stole the show this episode. Time for the tsundere to shine! This episode probably should have made me a lot sadder than it did, since everyone’s lives are being torn apart and everything, but I never got attached enough to the characters. But in regard to characters I *am* attached to…

Silver Spoon Episode 8: KOMABAAAA! This was a rough week for adorable anime tough guys I’m fond of. :/ This episode of Silver Spoon was almost uncomfortably realistic. So it was nothing like:

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 9: I’m back to just loving this show. Yes, it’s totally ridiculous. I mean, really ridiculous. I think I laughed out loud when Nobunaga said, “Open your eyes and look! Look at me! Look at how great a man I am!” So yes, readers, go look, now, at what a great man he is and watch this series! If you want to open your eyes and look at more great mean, watch:

Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 47: I just can’t get enough of this show. Love love love. And just when, once in a blue moon, I think, “Maybe this show isn’t as good as I think and I’m overreacting, maybe this show is a bit silly-” something happens on screen and I go back to thinking it’s the best thing ever. Also, whenever Aomine wears that poofy jacket, I just want to hug him. I also want to hug someone from:

Ace of the Diamond Episode 22: Although I find a lot of the characters endearing, I think I’m developing an unhealthy crush on Miyuki. He’s just so cool! This episode was so great and so sporty! Sporty and manly, much like:

Yowapeda Episode 21: If you want SPORTY and MANLY and manly tears and manly battles and manly words, this was the episode for you! I love a good flashback and buildup of rivalry. I realize I may sound like I love everyone and am a total horndog for athletic boys, but I’m restrained compared to:

Log Horizon Episode 23: Everyone is in love with Shiroe! Sheesh! Is this an MMORPG or a harem anime? I kid, I kid. I mean, yes, everyone is in love with Shiroe, but at least at the end of this episode we see a hint of more serious, battle-y strategy-y things to come.



What I Watched Today 1-27-2014

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 4: Yes! We’re finally getting somewhere! I had a feeling it would be worth slogging through the first few episodes and now I’m genuinely excited about where the series is going. A few developments weren’t entirely unexpected; episode four wasn’t necessarily earth-shattering (sky-shattering?) but I think that now the series will continue to move at a better pace. Now I’m looking forward to episode five!

Toriko Episode 139: The battle continues on! Well, it’s “Toriko” so isn’t the battle pretty much always continuing on? One thing that amazes me about this anime is no matter how blah I feel or how far ahead the manga is, I can start an episode and be entertained and happy in mere minutes. I think it has something really special–both the anime and the manga–and I look forward to it every week. This particular episode is great because we get to see a) Sunny be beautifully badass and b) Brunch’s “shocking” fighting style. Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously, though, Brunch the Tengu is and endlessly entertaining character.