Month: October 2015

Say What? It’s Fall 2015?!

Heck yeah it is. So what new stuff are we watching? How about…

One-Punch Man I got hooked on the manga when it started its run in English JUMP and have been excited for the anime ever since I heard rumors about it. This is something worth being excited about! The first episode matched the outrageous, goofy manga style which made me super happy.

K: Return of Kings Another highly-anticipated show for me. I loved the first season and the movie. My brother (who is totally unfamiliar with the other K shows) was in the room for the first episode and about halfway through made the comment that, “This is like a battle version of ‘Uta no Prince-sama‘ without the irrelevant generic girl character.” Which sounds to me like the MOST AWESOME THING EVER! So maybe that’s why I really enjoy “K.”

Young Black Jack At first brother said, “Why are you watching this?” then we see a ripped, shirtless, stitch-heavy Young Black Jack and I said, “Do you need to ask that now?” Shirtlessness aside, the anime holds onto the Tezuka darkness while, uh, improving the look. For the Tezuka fans out there, though, we still have a few characters that look like they stepped right off his page. Lots of potential here.

UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen- I loved the first Utawarerumono anime way back when. This first episode bored me a little but I’ll stick with it for a while.

Noragami Aragoto Really excited for this one. I loved the first season so much I got into the manga. Seeing the Bishamon Arc animated is going to be awesome so this show is a pretty safe bet.

Haikyu!! Woo, second season! I didn’t realize I missed this show so much but I started drooling with happiness within the first few minutes. This is one of those shows that I’m always mind-boggled when someone tells me they don’t like it. “It’s so GOOD, how can you not like it?!” Regardless, after the first episode I’m way more excited than I thought I’d be and already wishing I had more to watch.

Lance N’ Masques Not exactly sure why I put this in my queue but I don’t think it’ll stay there. The premise is okay but the cutesy-ness of the girls and the art style are more irritating than endearing.

Comet Lucifer First-episode fatigue is beginning to set in and I’m getting easily annoyed with how all these first episodes are the same (even though, objectively, they really aren’t). This should be interesting but I’ve seen enough first-episode boys zipping around on air-skateboards to last me a lifetime. As of now my favorite character is that annoying guy in the frilly shirt; he’s way more interesting than the main (what I’m assuming are the main?) characters.

Starmyu In case you weren’t already questioning my taste…THIS SHOW MADE ME SO HAPPY! I know I was just bitching about first-episode fatigue and how all first episodes are the same and I admit, this one isn’t special. But it unashamedly “is what it is” and “it is” beautiful boys dancing and singing voiced by voice actors I love. I have several other shows to try, otherwise I’d totally rewatch this episode.

Hakone-chan Super short, which might be good. Although I was kinda of getting used to things just as the episode ended (we’re talking around 3 minute episodes). I generally have a hard time sticking with a series with the short-episode format, though. 😦

The Asterisk War Confession: this wasn’t even on my list of possibilities until I read somewhere that Tomokazu Sugita was in it. My first impression is that it’s all, um, very…sparkly and shiny. By the end of the first episode, though, I liked it more than I thought I would.

Mr. Osomatsu No lie, I was a bit worried about this one but the voice actor lineup drew me like a moth to a flame…hahahaha. Anyway, all my worries were for nothing because this first episode is so fucking hilarious. Other people in the house were sleeping as I watched this and I started choking from trying to “laugh quietly.”

There were a few other shows I wanted to check out but apparently they aren’t out yet so I’ll either update this later or just comment on them if I pull off a mid-season post.

What was your biggest bummer? What show left the biggest impression? What does Fall 2015 have in store for us?!


Endless Summer 2015

Welcome to my Endless Summer 2015 Wrap-Up! Why is it “endless”? Because it seems like every series I watched for the season ended in the middle of nowhere! *dies*

My most-anticipated series of the summer was Gangsta. I love the manga, I love the drama CDs, and I loved the shit out of the first episode. I loved all the episodes! Even that weird one that the art is kinda screwy for half of it and you’re wondering if the animators went on strike or something (then I read about the bankruptcy of Manglobe and wondered if the two were related). From the very beginning, I knew that it would have to end “incompletely” if it followed the manga closely…but I didn’t expect quite the sudden non-ending-feeling of episode 12. However, for all my bitching about the non-ending, the art was great (overall, forget that one episode) and the acting was great and seeing Worick and Nicholas animated was wonderful. I’m having a hard time letting go.

I’m also resisting the end of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Daryun kept getting more amazing This show kept getting better as it went, I felt, with more intrigue and plot and characters. I was really looking forward to seeing Arslan take on Silver Mask and reclaim the capital and—well, it doesn’t matter, because apparently the series doesn’t go that far. But I loved it anyway.

GATE was the first new summer show I watched based solely on scheduling reasons. Suwabe-san’s voice sucked me in and the premise made me stay. It felt a lot like Outbreak Company at first but I enjoyed the art and the “military conundrum” aspect of GATE a bit more, I think. Or maybe I’m just shallow and like to ogle animated men in uniform. Episode 12 is titled “What Would Itami Do?” and I bitterly think, “We may never know because…it’s over!” I’d like to think Itami would come back for a second season!

Aoharu x Machinegun was another of my “anticipated shows.” It met my expectations by being cute, funny, crazy, and having hot well-drawn guys that were a pleasant surprise. I’m always on board if the show has a host character or a eromanga character and hey, this show had both! Throw in that girl-everyone-thinks-is-a-guy a la Ouran High School Host Club and you can’t lose. Except we never actually get to the part where the guys find out she’s a girl… But hey, I’d probably watch it again anyway.

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- I was really excited about this anime…up until halfway through the first episode when it got bogged down with dialogue. Still, when we started meeting other characters I thought it could really bounce back but it never did for me. I didn’t care what happened to any of them. There seemed to be so much potential but the show itself fell short. The “reveal” was…validating? except that anyone who’s watched enough Scooby Doo could probably see it coming.

Monster Musume I don’t really know why I watched this–let alone twelve episodes of it. But I did and I might’ve actually enjoyed it more than Rokka.

Junjo Romantica I’m not gonna lie, my rotten friend and I were too excited for season three. “It is what it is”–and I say that with love. Three seasons in we still have major miscommunication, denial, and misunderstanding between beautiful boys in love. What more do you people want?! Well, if you’re like me, you want another season or OVA with the story of that dark-haired guy you always see around Ijuin-sensei. But that aside, Usagi was hilarious, Misaki was neurotic, and everything is right in the BL world.

Prison School ended up being one of my favorite shows of the season. I almost didn’t watch it because that girl’s huge boobs were a turnoff but I am soooo glad I did. Pretty sure I laughed til I cried every episode. Also, contrary to most of the summer shows, the last episode felt satisfying to me, like we’d actually reached a reasonable “end.” Typing this writeup is hard, though, because I keep thinking of different scenes and just start shaking my head. Prison School definitely gets my “Fucking Hilarious” endorsement.

Man, I love Durarara!!. All it takes is two seconds into the opening theme and I fall in love all over again. Every damn episode. It’s so twisted and complicated and strung out and strung together I almost have a little headache from watching it but it’s so good. Thank goodness for the blip at the end telling me Chapter Three is coming in January before I threw my computer across the room in frustration. Now instead of being furious I’m just…full of Durarara happiness and patiently waiting for January…

MY love STORY!! This was adorable. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I love the manga and about died from happiness when the anime started. It never disappointed, staying adorable and funny all the way through. The final episode was appropriate and satisfying. I totally recommend this one.

Okay, I think that’s it for the shows that ended this summer. There are a few I still have to finish that probably won’t make it in this post like Gatchaman Crowds Insight, Shimoneta, Actually, I Am, and Snow White with the Red Hair. I will finish them sometime…I just got too far behind. 😦 And I’ve been saving up makuranodanshi because I didn’t want it to be over!

And of course I have my ongoing shows…Fairy Tail, One Piece, Ace of the Diamond, Naruto Shippuden, Ushio & Tora, and my all-time favorite GINTAMA!!!!! Gintama Gintama Gintama…

So what’s coming up for Fall 2015?!