What I Watched Today 1-27-2014

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 4: Yes! We’re finally getting somewhere! I had a feeling it would be worth slogging through the first few episodes and now I’m genuinely excited about where the series is going. A few developments weren’t entirely unexpected; episode four wasn’t necessarily earth-shattering (sky-shattering?) but I think that now the series will continue to move at a better pace. Now I’m looking forward to episode five!

Toriko Episode 139: The battle continues on! Well, it’s “Toriko” so isn’t the battle pretty much always continuing on? One thing that amazes me about this anime is no matter how blah I feel or how far ahead the manga is, I can start an episode and be entertained and happy in mere minutes. I think it has something really special–both the anime and the manga–and I look forward to it every week. This particular episode is great because we get to see a) Sunny be beautifully badass and b) Brunch’s “shocking” fighting style. Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously, though, Brunch the Tengu is and endlessly entertaining character.




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