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Today’s Tub Manga: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (volume 8)

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I LOVE this manga!

I was actually pleasantly surprised to get another volume so soon. This series just brightens my day. Every volume is hilarious to me.

In volume eight, we get some more great Wakamatsu/Seo interaction (?) made even more interesting by the inclusion of Seo’s older brother to really just screw things up. Misunderstandings abound (hilariously). We also get some super cute scenes with Hori and Kashima.

And I will never tire of Mikoshiba’s love of dating sims.

All in all, adorable and wonderful volume. Sakura still has her work cut out for her, but it’s all good.


Today’s Tub Manga: Oresama Teacher (volume 22)

I can’t believe we’re already to volume 22! Just when I was wondering if twenty-two was too many volumes, this one came along and just kicked ass. I hope this series gets an anime someday because some of the characters do look a bit similar and are easily confused and I think being animated would remedy that.

This is my favorite volume in a while because it felt like progress was made and a lot of things got cleared up (finally). At the same time, Izumi Tsubaki’s humorous style shone throughout.

It’s been a very goofy and somewhat meandering series but I still really like it and volume 22 reminded me of so many of the reasons why I kept with it for this many volumes. Also, this book has the subtitle: The Story of Miyabi Hanabusa…so enjoy!

Today’s Tub Manga: Tokyo Tarareba Girls (volumes 2 & 3)

I actually had to kind of gear myself up to read volumes 2 and 3; even though this manga should be totally relatable to me, it deals with a “problem” that I don’t personally care about. And since I don’t have girlfriends and don’t drink much, volume one wore on me by the end.

However, barely into volume two, I was soooo glad I’d made myself get caught up on the series. Volume two felt like it had a lot less drunken whining and blew open the story more by incorporating the stories and perspectives of the other two friends. Now that the plot has been established in volume one, volume two felt like it got to really lay into the humor that I fell in love with during Princess Jellyfish.

Originally, I planned on just blogging volume two even though I read both because I felt volume two is actually the strongest so far. However, volume three does have its charm point in that the girls women are (I think?) becoming a bit more self-aware and having to face their issues. Or not face them, as the case may be. Volume three also gives us a new character to shake things up a bit. Heh.

Even though I’m not scrambling to get married before the Tokyo Olympics, there is something that definitely pulls at the heartstrings wonderfully and just a bit uncomfortably while reading “Tokyo Tarareba Girls.” These two volumes have really expanded on that feeling and make the reader go, “This is…too real.”


Today’s Tub Manga: Kiss Him, Not Me! (volume 11)

It’s volume 11 and the harem is trying to prevent Kae from being married off to her childhood friend.

I’ll admit, this level of ridiculousness (I guess I can’t be picky about ridiculousness this late in the game) kind of wore me out. The upside is, we’re heading to actual development (I think) from what I’ve read ahead via crunchyroll manga.

While the main plot is a bit taxing and seemingly mostly pointless until the last few pages, volume 11 is redeemed by the special short at the end of this book. I know it may seem hypocritical for me to 100% endorse a completely nonsensical body-switching short when I was complaining about ridiculousness, but this is the type of humor and insanity that originally hooked me on “Kiss Him, Not Me.”

Today’s Tub Manga: Prison School (volume 7)


As I said on the podcast, whenever your manga arrives shrinkwrapped, that’s a sign you’ve got good shit on your hands. Volume 7 picks right up in the ridiculously lewd situation where volume 6 left off and it’s full steam ahead from there.

I laughed so hard I almost choked.

I thought Prison School was funny during the “first half” when the boys were in prison but since the switch…it’s turned into something amazingly hilarious. Incredibly lewd and sweaty and likely to be horribly misunderstood if someone happens to catch a page over your shoulder, but amazingly hilarious all the same.

Totally fucking laugh out loud awesome. Every volume it just keeps getting better.

Today’s Tub Manga: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (volume 7)

Longtime readers of this blog might remember how much I LOVED “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun” when the anime aired. For new readers: it was one of my favorite shows of the season. So of course I picked up the manga when it was released in English.

What impressed me with this particular volume is that we’re seven books into the series of what’s (mostly) a four-panel comic and it just keeps getting funnier. Don’t get me wrong–I love it and don’t want it to end, but every time I preorder the next volume I think, “How long can this keep up? Won’t she run out of funny eventually?” Because while I’d hate for it to end, I’d hate even more for it to be forced to continue and become drab and awkward.

Judging by volume 7, however, that fear is totally misplaced. The humor keeps getting wilder and more ridiculous and each volume is more entertaining than the one before it.

One thing I can say is that I’m always giddy to get the latest volume. No matter how foul of a mood I’m in or how stressed out I may be when I crack open the cover, by the time I finish that last page I’m all smiles and just wishing for more. (Actually, I’m usually all smiles by page two.)