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Today’s Tub Manga: Jackass!


I’d been really looking forward to this one even though I knew absolutely nothing about it…and it did not disappoint! The art was beautiful, the story cute and concise, the characters entertaining…and the sex scenes steamier than I anticipated!

All in all, this was just a great volume. Highly recommend.

Note: Just judging by the back cover, I knew this one had to be good.




Today’s Tub Manga: The World’s Greatest First Love (volume 7)

If you’ve come this far in the series, you likely know the pattern and what to expect. Takano is cool, Ritsu is neurotic; Ritsu freaks out, Takano seduces him; Ritsu thinks he’s going to leave, Takano proves him wrong.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

However, despite all that, this series still manages to have its moments that keep you hanging on, repetition be damned. In this volume we get a bit more of “awwww Takano” (though I’ve always had a soft spot for him) which means Onodera doesn’t stand a chance. And that’s okay–Onodera’s been in denial since day one so he doesn’t need to stand a chance.

Also in this volume we get a little more story about my favorite couple, Yukina and Kisa. I really enjoyed this, especially since it was from Yukina’s perspective, which freshened up the rest of the volume.

Today’s Tub Manga: Don’t Be Cruel (plus+)

It’s been a rough couple of days and I really just wanted some sweet, mindless BL to read and kind of decompress. “Don’t Be Cruel” fit the bill perfectly.

While the series is based on an eye-roll-worthy premise and is pretty repetitive, I can’t help but love it. (Maybe it’s the mangaka’s enthusiastic love of tighty whiteys?) Plus+ is especially fluffy because it’s a collection of side stories/bonus stories/doujinshi meant to be read as “between chapter” happenings of the main series.

It’s an easy, light read but very cute and entertaining–and the art is beautiful and sexy as always.