Month: October 2017

Today’s Tub Manga: All Out!! (volume 2)

Today’s Tub Manga: All Out!! (volume 2)

all out 2

I love All Out!!

So in volume two, we’re finishing up the match against Keijo. We get some really great sports-manga moments and even a short flashback to a Sekizan before he had the curly hair and white streaks. (Better yet, the hair thing is even commented on in the between-chapter comics.)

Since Gion is a beginner, more rules are explained in this volume so the reader and Gion can learn the rules of rugby together. (right…)

In this match of hot-blooded young men, Ooharano stands out and the other first years…don’t. He also stands out because he doesn’t like sweaty guys. (Speak for yourself!) Ebumi wants to play and there comes a moment in the second half where they have to sub someone in…but let’s not forget who’s the protagonist of this story! (Hint: not Ebumi.)

After the match, we get a bonus manga of one of my favorite sports manga institutions: the after-match function! Because there’s nothing like teams who were just trying to beat the crap out of each other now socializing and having a good time. Ah, youth.

Speaking of my favorite sports manga institutions, the end of this volume kicks off (no pun intended)…THE TRAINING CAMP. Is there anything better? The best thing about this training camp is we get a new character who is totally going to shake things up. No pain, no gain!

On a personal note, one of my favorite things in this volume is Mutsumi getting offended on Sekizan’s behalf in the final pages and trying to protect him. Seeing easy-going, smiley-eyed Mutsumi get so upset so quickly because someone insulted Sekizan is…the panels my dreams are made of.


Today’s Tub Manga: Yokai Rental Shop (volume 1)

yokai rental

So, I’d seen a tweet advertising this and thought, “Oh, I need to check that out!” However, when I looked it up…I’d already preordered it. >_<

But I’m glad I did! This first volume got right down to business, no pun intended. There was a very xxxHolic vibe to much of the volume, which I enjoyed because I love xxxHolic. The whole thing had a feeling of “new yet familiar.” Or maybe “familiar yet new”?

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how rapidly things escalated in the final pages; I wasn’t expecting a dramatic twist + cliffhanger this early in the series. Now I can’t wait for volume two!

Today’s Tub Manga: Spirit Circle (volume 1)

spirit circle.jpg

I knew nothing about this series going in; I preordered it because a) it was by the same mangaka as Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and b) twitterer @to_aru_Oni’s excitement about it was too effusive to ignore.

I liked Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and I expected to “like” Spirit Circle as well, but instead I absolutely loved this first volume. The whole reincarnational drama/simultaneous lives thing is right up my alley and I can’t wait for the next volume.


Today’s Tub Manga: Jackass!


I’d been really looking forward to this one even though I knew absolutely nothing about it…and it did not disappoint! The art was beautiful, the story cute and concise, the characters entertaining…and the sex scenes steamier than I anticipated!

All in all, this was just a great volume. Highly recommend.

Note: Just judging by the back cover, I knew this one had to be good.



Today’s Tub Manga: A Bride’s Story (volume 9)

bride's story

I’m perpetually in awe of Kaoru Mori’s dedication to research and her artistic intensity. A Bride’s Story is absolutely, incredibly beautiful both visually and with its superb storytelling. Don’t let the title or potential subject matter turn you away–it’s not squirrely-girly shojo. Anyone could (and should!) love this.

As far as volume nine specifically…I loved it. While I love the backward-age dynamic of Amir and her husband, Pariya is the “bride” I can relate to the most. Watching her awkwardness throughout this volume was so endearing and all-too-realistic. And her interactions with Umar were so incredibly adorable and heartwarming.

I love this series and I really loved volume nine. It just made me so so happy.

Today’s Tub Manga: Genshiken: Second Season (volume 11)


The cringe-worthy yet riveting speed date kujibiki continues in volume eleven. The super-awkward somewhat hormonal drama was so intense I don’t think I even blinked. And, of course, we were left with a cliffhanger as Madarame still doesn’t want to make a final decision. Which, as ridiculous as it all is, I could probably put up with at least three more volumes of harem merry-go-round insanity.

At the risk of spoiling: I just wanted to say that Madarame’s reaction to Hato’s “Hato x Mada” fantasy confession was really…endearing?

Also: Yajima might be my manga doppleganger.

Anyway, this series is fucking fantastic and never disappoints. Every time, I think, “This is so freakin’ goofy but so damn smart at the same time.”

On a somewhat irrelevant note, the description given on the back of volume 11 seems to not actually be for volume 11 at all–it sounds like it might be describing volume 12..? Regardless, it hypes events that totally didn’t happen in this volume.

Today’s Tub Manga: Kamisama Kiss (volume 25-final volume!)


I can’t believe it’s been twenty-five volumes! This is really the only way it could have ended; after the last page, I just felt like, “Yep. That was the ‘right’ ending. That’s the way it had to be.”

For anyone reading the series but hasn’t finished it yet, I do recommend buying the limited edition and getting the Kamistravaganza booklet. It’s totally worth it as the epilogue/extra story/final-final chapter included in the booklet really ties things up nicely. That last story was really necessary for closure after twenty-five volumes.

I’ve said in recent posts that I don’t read as much shojo as I used to, but back when I “used to” Kamisama Kiss was one of my favorites. While my love for the genre has waned a bit, I still think this is a very solid shojo series and I loved it till the end.