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Farewell, Winter 2016; Farewell, “Farewell, Shinsengumi”

It’s that time again…the end of a season. What did we love? What did we hate? What made us cry? I’ll give you a guess on that last one…


Gintama I feel like between the anime and manga I’ve spent the last year crying at Gintama. Everything was just so perfect. PERFECT. And beautiful.

Speaking of perfect, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju was one of my favorites of the season. It entranced me from the very beginning and was one of the shows I looked forward to the most week after week. Episode 11 about did me in, though; I just wanted to live in that episode forever.

Fairy Tail has ended (again). I should be sad but I think it’ll be back once the manga gets a little further ahead. If you can’t wait then I strongly suggest the manga; the pacing is actually much better than it has been in the second season of the anime.

Ace of the Diamond So glad Coach Kataoka got his moment. My brother said, “What’s the big deal. Haven’t you seen this already?” I said, “No, it’s the end. It’s the culmination of two and half years of watching Ace of the Diamond.”

Durarara I love the insane acceleration at the end and the feeling that everything is just totally irreparably out of control. I also love Shizuo throwing heavy objects. The end of the series felt very satisfying to me.

Erased This was another favorite of the season. I actually ended up dreaming about the final episode. This is the type of show I might recommend to people who don’t generally watch anime; I think it’s capable of crossing that boundary.

Haikyu!! This whole season felt very well-paced and tightly constructed to me. I ended up losing myself in fanfic as a result because every time I watched the latest episode, I just wanted MORE. The good news is, we already know another anime season is coming soon for our volleyball boys.

Mr. Osomatsu I have to wonder if the people responsible for this show are laughing their way to the bank since I can’t imagine anyone anticipating the way this show would explode. And yes, I’m as guilty as anyone; I have plenty of Osomatsu-san merchandise and I’ve already preordered my pillow covers. I was actually surprised by how much I loved this series.

GATE This second series felt a lot darker/more intense than the first but I might have enjoyed it more because it made things more complicated. Sometimes the plot felt a bit bogged down and I might not have paid as much attention as I should have…but that didn’t stop me from pleading with Sugawara to save Sherry.

Sekko Boys I loved this. A lot. The premise was absolutely ridiculous, the voice actors my favorites, and it was all short enough to be funny without being “too much.”

Ojisan and Marshmallow I found this oddly endearing even if it made me kind of hungry whenever I watched.

Dimension W When I saw Kyoma’s dance in the opening theme of the first episode I made the statement that this anime would be a winner. I ended up really getting hooked on it. At 12 episodes it’s compact and moves along swiftly. The characters were fun and Daisuke Ono sounded great. Especially recommend if you enjoy sci-fi themes.

Prince of Stride I kinda forgot I even watched this until I was looking through my queues for this post. It was all very…predictable. But I suppose it was okay for what it was.

There are a few shows I’m sad to see end (GINTAMA!!!!!!) but I’m really excited about the Spring 2016 lineup. (Ahem…Diamond is Unbreakable.)


Fall 2015, You Will Be Missed

My guilty pleasure STARMYU is over for now. This show was ridiculous to the umpteenth power and I loved every minute of it. If you love singing/dancing boys doing nonsensical things and being often stupid and angsty, this is the show for you! My dog, however, is quite relieved that it’s all over since this show definitely won the award for “Waking Up The Dog By Screaming at the Television.” And I mean that in the best of ways.

Young Black Jack was fantastic. I’m not just saying that because of the gratuitous abs (although I really loved that too). Especially in the later episodes I felt like even though the visuals had been spruced up, the story itself oozed that classic Tezuka darkness.

Beautiful Bones I totally want more of this. Sakurako was enjoyable (to me) as a main character; her eccentricity was endearing. But there’s so much left hanging…need more…

Osomatsu-san is supposed to be returning for another cour. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard as during the first episode (which has been pulled due to controversy) and year-end commentary (12A) episode. At first I didn’t know what to think about the style but because of the voice cast, I gave Osomatsu-san a try. Soooo glad I did. Wonderfully funny.

Haikyu!! brings me so much joy. Every time I watch it I get the urge to just drown in Haikyu fanfic. I hope you keep playing forever, volleyball boys.

Fairy Tail is always a favorite. I felt like there were some pacing…issues…but all the greatness by far outweighed any issues. And I totally cried through the whole Tartaros Arc Epilogue. I cried through it when I read the manga and it turns out the anime got me just as much.

Speaking of crying…omg GINTAMA. For a “comedy”…have I EVER SHED MORE TEARS?! I can never get enough of this show. It’s absolutely fucking amazing. When just the freakin’ *ending theme* can make a person tear up, I think you’re onto something. I love you, Sorachi!

Yes, I’m still watching Ace of the Diamond. The boys are still playing baseball. That’s about it. Though I did lose my cool a bit screaming at the tv when Miyuki took the tackle at home plate. I love the whole “freight train into the catcher who’s badass and still held onto the ball” thing. Then again, I kind of love Miyuki doing anything.

One Punch Man I absolutely loved this. As a fan of the manga I was so excited to see it get an anime. It was just a lot of fun to watch every week. All the characters are just fabulous…and the opening theme gets stuck in my head so easily.

Noragami I loved the first season but I think the second season (Aragoto) was even better. The characters are strong, the pacing is good, and the music is fantastic; if you haven’t checked this out I reallllly recommend it. It’s an “accessible” show-doesn’t take a while to get into and has a limited number of episodes.

Dance with Devils was absolutely ridiculous every step of the way. I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud at least once per episode. And I have no doubt those singing pomeranians will live on in my memory forever.

K: Return of Kings So beautiful.

MSG: Iron-Blooded Orphans I’ve been on a real Gundam kick lately (thanks to The Origin manga series) so I was more excited about this show than I normally would be. However, I’ve really been enjoying it! The characters are a lot of fun and the fact that Orga is voiced by my #4 favorite voice actor only sweetens the deal.

So there it is…the stuff I watched from/through the Fall 2015 season. Several shows I started I ended up dropping (which is a bit unusual for me) due to time constraints. Is there anything I missed out on? Anything you totally loved?

Say What? It’s Fall 2015?!

Heck yeah it is. So what new stuff are we watching? How about…

One-Punch Man I got hooked on the manga when it started its run in English JUMP and have been excited for the anime ever since I heard rumors about it. This is something worth being excited about! The first episode matched the outrageous, goofy manga style which made me super happy.

K: Return of Kings Another highly-anticipated show for me. I loved the first season and the movie. My brother (who is totally unfamiliar with the other K shows) was in the room for the first episode and about halfway through made the comment that, “This is like a battle version of ‘Uta no Prince-sama‘ without the irrelevant generic girl character.” Which sounds to me like the MOST AWESOME THING EVER! So maybe that’s why I really enjoy “K.”

Young Black Jack At first brother said, “Why are you watching this?” then we see a ripped, shirtless, stitch-heavy Young Black Jack and I said, “Do you need to ask that now?” Shirtlessness aside, the anime holds onto the Tezuka darkness while, uh, improving the look. For the Tezuka fans out there, though, we still have a few characters that look like they stepped right off his page. Lots of potential here.

UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen- I loved the first Utawarerumono anime way back when. This first episode bored me a little but I’ll stick with it for a while.

Noragami Aragoto Really excited for this one. I loved the first season so much I got into the manga. Seeing the Bishamon Arc animated is going to be awesome so this show is a pretty safe bet.

Haikyu!! Woo, second season! I didn’t realize I missed this show so much but I started drooling with happiness within the first few minutes. This is one of those shows that I’m always mind-boggled when someone tells me they don’t like it. “It’s so GOOD, how can you not like it?!” Regardless, after the first episode I’m way more excited than I thought I’d be and already wishing I had more to watch.

Lance N’ Masques Not exactly sure why I put this in my queue but I don’t think it’ll stay there. The premise is okay but the cutesy-ness of the girls and the art style are more irritating than endearing.

Comet Lucifer First-episode fatigue is beginning to set in and I’m getting easily annoyed with how all these first episodes are the same (even though, objectively, they really aren’t). This should be interesting but I’ve seen enough first-episode boys zipping around on air-skateboards to last me a lifetime. As of now my favorite character is that annoying guy in the frilly shirt; he’s way more interesting than the main (what I’m assuming are the main?) characters.

Starmyu In case you weren’t already questioning my taste…THIS SHOW MADE ME SO HAPPY! I know I was just bitching about first-episode fatigue and how all first episodes are the same and I admit, this one isn’t special. But it unashamedly “is what it is” and “it is” beautiful boys dancing and singing voiced by voice actors I love. I have several other shows to try, otherwise I’d totally rewatch this episode.

Hakone-chan Super short, which might be good. Although I was kinda of getting used to things just as the episode ended (we’re talking around 3 minute episodes). I generally have a hard time sticking with a series with the short-episode format, though. 😦

The Asterisk War Confession: this wasn’t even on my list of possibilities until I read somewhere that Tomokazu Sugita was in it. My first impression is that it’s all, um, very…sparkly and shiny. By the end of the first episode, though, I liked it more than I thought I would.

Mr. Osomatsu No lie, I was a bit worried about this one but the voice actor lineup drew me like a moth to a flame…hahahaha. Anyway, all my worries were for nothing because this first episode is so fucking hilarious. Other people in the house were sleeping as I watched this and I started choking from trying to “laugh quietly.”

There were a few other shows I wanted to check out but apparently they aren’t out yet so I’ll either update this later or just comment on them if I pull off a mid-season post.

What was your biggest bummer? What show left the biggest impression? What does Fall 2015 have in store for us?!