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Toriko Episode 147: I haven’t really felt comfortable with the deviation from the manga, as necessary as it may be, so I was dreading this final episode. That said, if I’d only watched the anime and didn’t know any better, I’d be pretty content with this finale. Of course there are a lot of unanswered questions and loose ends and all that, but that’s to be expected. There were still scenes/moments that made this feel like a decent ending to me. (Of course, a part of me is screaming the whole time, “This is like the OPPOSITE of what happens!”) But if you are able to treat the anime and manga as separate things, then both are/were very enjoyable. *sniffle* I’ll really miss this anime, though.


The End of the Sky, But Not the Anime

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 12: For some reason, I assumed this was the final episode. It’s not. The highlight of the episode for me was Ari calling Ingacio a tsundere.

Toriko Episode 146: The deviation from the manga to bring the anime to an end is driving me insane. All I can say is: please read the manga, people! It’s so worth it! Though Toriko turning Super Saiyan was kind of mind-blowing…but it did make me feel a little uncomfortable. >_<

Yowapeda Episode 24: Abs Abs Abs! What is with this guy, he’s ridiculous! His pecs are named Andy & Frank?! Could the characters in this show get any better?

What I Watched Today 1-27-2014

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 4: Yes! We’re finally getting somewhere! I had a feeling it would be worth slogging through the first few episodes and now I’m genuinely excited about where the series is going. A few developments weren’t entirely unexpected; episode four wasn’t necessarily earth-shattering (sky-shattering?) but I think that now the series will continue to move at a better pace. Now I’m looking forward to episode five!

Toriko Episode 139: The battle continues on! Well, it’s “Toriko” so isn’t the battle pretty much always continuing on? One thing that amazes me about this anime is no matter how blah I feel or how far ahead the manga is, I can start an episode and be entertained and happy in mere minutes. I think it has something really special–both the anime and the manga–and I look forward to it every week. This particular episode is great because we get to see a) Sunny be beautifully badass and b) Brunch’s “shocking” fighting style. Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously, though, Brunch the Tengu is and endlessly entertaining character.



What I Watched Today 1-18-2014

Naruto Shippuden Episode 345: This episode was suitably intense considering the title is “I’m In Hell.” Nothing like starting an episode with poop jokes and ending with mass murder and insanity!

Toriko Episode 137: Normally watching “Toriko” makes me really hungry but Grinpatch really grosses me out. This episode is battle-tastic, with the fight continuing between Toriko and Starjun while Coco takes on Grinpatch. I can’t argue with bulging, shirt-ripping muscles, battle-aura, and inspirational speeches about becoming stronger.  But the most important line (to me) in this week’s episode is: “You chefs are the treasure of the world.” I need to remember this line as I go back to work tomorrow (I work in a restaurant)

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 2: After watching the first episode, I thought this anime could be so awesome that I was pretty sure it could never actually live up to my expectations. I mean, I love the style, I love Nobunaga-anything, history/alt-history, Tomokazu Sugita’s voice, openings with swirly cherry blossoms…I love it all! Episode 2 continues the mashup of these “few of my favorite things.” If I were a more cynical viewer or anime snob, I’d cringe at all the tropes being thrown together–but right now this show is just really fun.

Tonari no Seki-kun Episode 2: Most compelling animated shogi game I’ve ever watched.

The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 2: Okay, so I didn’t really pay enough attention to the first episode so now I’m not really sure what this show is about aside from a school with uniforms and flying and nobility. Things were still kind of squishy and puttering along in this episode but thanks to the last ten seconds or so, I’m now looking forward to episode three.

Hamatora Episode 2: This show kind of reminds me of GetBackers, or maybe a weird GetBackers/Durarara! mashup. And while (to me) a GetBackers/Durarara! mashup sounds freakin’ awesome, I don’t think Hamatora is going to actually *be* that awesome. But hey, we have a variety of should-be-interesting characters with some unique-ish abilities solving cases with (so far) great “what a twist!” endings. It’s not really as good as it should be or as good as it thinks it is…but I’m interested enough to stick with it and see how it evolves.

Samurai Flamenco Episode 13: Who the heck is Goto-san’s girlfriend? A member of From Beyond or a figment of his imagination? Anyway, things are getting serious…not with Goto-san and his girlfriend, but on a much bigger scale as From Beyond is about to launch an all-out attack.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 2: After watching episode one, I thought, well, scantily-clad little girls aren’t really my thing, but world conquest is totally my thing, and this show is pretty funny so far so I’ll stick with it. The first half of this episode didn’t really hold my attention but now I’m a fan again. So, hey, let’s keep conquering.

Hozuki no Reitetsu Episode 2: With an episode title of “Demons and Underwear and Crabs” this immediately piqued my interest…and the in-depth conversation about underwear does not disappoint! Even better, we see Satan, the King of European Hell as he visits Japanese Hell. The reason this is so great is because after last week’s episode, I had been thinking how much more interesting/potentially humorous Japanese Hell seems to be compared to Western Hell. I can’t get enough of this show–it’s funny as hell.