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Today’s Tub Manga: Planetes (volume 2)

Read this series and embrace your humanity.


Today’s Tub Manga: Planetes (volume 1)

I don’t know why I put off buying/reading this manga for so long, especially considering how much I love Vinland Saga. This is an excellent read.

The premise is intriguing and the story gets going right off the bat. I like how we’re just immersed in this world with minimal exposition and kind of just learn as we go along. At first I expected a bit more cohesion to the sequence of the story but I grew to like the random arcs. I especially got a kick out of the story of Fee searching for a smoke–it reminded me immensely of Hijikata’s similar predicament in Gintama.

On a more serious note, I was also blown away by the sequence where Hachimaki confronts his inner self while trying to recover from his isolation PTSD. It lined up so perfectly with so many “new age” books I’ve read that I just stared at the page for a while, amazed.

I don’t know that I really buy the Tanabe love interest, but it’s Makoto Yukimura so I’m willing to play along.

Toward the end of volume one, we start getting a more steamlined plot with a central focus, moving away from the one-off stories. I’m a sucker for surreal, high self experiences so I really liked the way this volume left us feeling: like bigger, greater things are out there waiting.

Today’s Tub Manga: Vinland Saga (book 9)

What can I even say about this? Buy it. Read it. Buy all of it, because once you start volume one you’ll want to continue straight through and not wait for the rest to be delivered.

I was addicted to Vinland Saga from the beginning. Historical fiction about Vikings is right up my alley but this proved to be something more. The art is absolutely amazing and the storytelling is a thing of beauty. With every volume I think, “I’m reading something life-changing.”

One of my favorite things in the world of manga is the author’s comments and Vinland Saga is no exception. Book Nine contains an “Ask Yukimura” section in the final pages and I love how his thought process is exposed. His attention to detail and intense consideration of the story and desire for readers to join him on Thorfinn’s journey just make me love this series even more.