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LubbyCats Z: Chapter 3

Alright, the latest chapter of LubbyCats is up! Please go to lubbycats.com or lubbycats.tumblr.com to check it out! Some of you might remember my post about my dog…he plays a very important role in this chapter.

Lubby Cats Z Chapter 3: Kenshin Lives!


LubbyCats Issue 2: Go, Speed Kenshin, Go!

I will be cross-posting for a while…if interested you can check lubbycats.com around the first of every month and/or follow on tumblr lubbycats.tumblr.com

I guess if you’re not interested and you despise otaku cats, then please just overlook these LubbyCats posts…

Go, Speed Kenshin, Go! page0009 page0010 page0011 page0012 page0013 page0014 page0015 page0016…Thank you for reading.