Today’s Tub Manga: Spirit Circle (volume 1)

spirit circle.jpg

I knew nothing about this series going in; I preordered it because a) it was by the same mangaka as Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and b) twitterer @to_aru_Oni’s excitement about it was too effusive to ignore.

I liked Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and I expected to “like” Spirit Circle as well, but instead I absolutely loved this first volume. The whole reincarnational drama/simultaneous lives thing is right up my alley and I can’t wait for the next volume.



Today’s Tub Manga: Jackass!


I’d been really looking forward to this one even though I knew absolutely nothing about it…and it did not disappoint! The art was beautiful, the story cute and concise, the characters entertaining…and the sex scenes steamier than I anticipated!

All in all, this was just a great volume. Highly recommend.

Note: Just judging by the back cover, I knew this one had to be good.



Today’s Tub Manga: A Bride’s Story (volume 9)

bride's story

I’m perpetually in awe of Kaoru Mori’s dedication to research and her artistic intensity. A Bride’s Story is absolutely, incredibly beautiful both visually and with its superb storytelling. Don’t let the title or potential subject matter turn you away–it’s not squirrely-girly shojo. Anyone could (and should!) love this.

As far as volume nine specifically…I loved it. While I love the backward-age dynamic of Amir and her husband, Pariya is the “bride” I can relate to the most. Watching her awkwardness throughout this volume was so endearing and all-too-realistic. And her interactions with Umar were so incredibly adorable and heartwarming.

I love this series and I really loved volume nine. It just made me so so happy.

Today’s Tub Manga: Genshiken: Second Season (volume 11)


The cringe-worthy yet riveting speed date kujibiki continues in volume eleven. The super-awkward somewhat hormonal drama was so intense I don’t think I even blinked. And, of course, we were left with a cliffhanger as Madarame still doesn’t want to make a final decision. Which, as ridiculous as it all is, I could probably put up with at least three more volumes of harem merry-go-round insanity.

At the risk of spoiling: I just wanted to say that Madarame’s reaction to Hato’s “Hato x Mada” fantasy confession was really…endearing?

Also: Yajima might be my manga doppleganger.

Anyway, this series is fucking fantastic and never disappoints. Every time, I think, “This is so freakin’ goofy but so damn smart at the same time.”

On a somewhat irrelevant note, the description given on the back of volume 11 seems to not actually be for volume 11 at all–it sounds like it might be describing volume 12..? Regardless, it hypes events that totally didn’t happen in this volume.

Today’s Tub Manga: Kamisama Kiss (volume 25-final volume!)


I can’t believe it’s been twenty-five volumes! This is really the only way it could have ended; after the last page, I just felt like, “Yep. That was the ‘right’ ending. That’s the way it had to be.”

For anyone reading the series but hasn’t finished it yet, I do recommend buying the limited edition and getting the Kamistravaganza booklet. It’s totally worth it as the epilogue/extra story/final-final chapter included in the booklet really ties things up nicely. That last story was really necessary for closure after twenty-five volumes.

I’ve said in recent posts that I don’t read as much shojo as I used to, but back when I “used to” Kamisama Kiss was one of my favorites. While my love for the genre has waned a bit, I still think this is a very solid shojo series and I loved it till the end.

Today’s Tub Manga: All Out!! (volume 1)

I cannot even describe how freakin’ excited I was when I saw that All Out!! was finally FINALLY getting published in English. Like another sports-manga-love-of-my-life (ahem, Kuroko’s Basketball) I actually buy the Japanese volumes…even though I can’t read Japanese…just so I can flip through and try to figure out what is going on and try to absorb the sports manga essence through my fingertips. That is how crazy I am about this series.

Obscene fangirling aside, this is an incredibly solid and sporty first volume. While nothing too surprising happens initially, the setup allows us to get introduced to our protagonist quickly and the story gets moving at a nice pace. Relatively early we meet the major players of the series, have some minor conflicts, and really get down to what this series is about. No time is wasted introducing a tragic (?) backstory, short training montage, and fleshing out some character motivation and personalities. By the end of the first volume, you’re eyeballs-deep into rugby and ready for MORE. 

I really want you to give this a try. I want you to read it. I want you to love it, even a fraction as much as I do.

Summer 2017 Simulcast Wrap-Up

Summer 2017 Simulcast Wrap-Up

It’s that time again! So what survived the cut? What did I stick with until THE END?!

Restaurant to Another World I had kind of a love-hate relationship with this show–probably because I have a love-hate relationship with the restaurant business. However, it did forever change my life in that whenever I eat fried shrimp, in my head I will always hear Sugita-san’s voice being really, really excited about it. And we can’t forget the universally valuable lesson RTAW taught us all:

No matter what world they’re from, vegans are condescending and think they’re better than everyone else.

Aho-Girl The name says it all. And maybe I’m also an aho-girl for watching (and loving) it. But this show was just refreshing and hilarious to me.

Yep. That’s all you can do. Good luck, guys–you’ll get there someday. Maybe. Or, uh, it’s not the destination, but the journey..? Probably?

Saiyuki Reload Blast Did we actually make any progress? No. Did I care? No. Because this was pure Saiyuki goodness and totally gave me something I didn’t even know I’d been missing. I know this sounds odd to say about a show with frequent blood splatter on the screen but for me, Reload Blast was just like a fuzzy warm blanket.

Ikemen Sengoku: Bromances Across Time This was just pure dumb fun. I could watch this forever.

My First Girlfriend is a Gal I just about dropped this one several times but I’m actually glad I finished it. It was uncomfortably ecchi at times (most of the time) but it was also, despite its over-the-top delivery, very “real life.” My brother loved this show and we ended up talking about it quite a bit; he said he believed the reason people hated this show was because no one wants to face the fact that it told the truth of how the male brain works.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu OMG this show was so much better than it had any right to be. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to scream, “I can’t believe I’m crying at freakin’ Touken Ranbu!” I loved the crap out of the Ryoma episode and thought that gave me everything I wanted and more than I ever expected…but then…we got…*tries to breathe*…Hijikata

I was a goner. Touken Ranbu, I can’t quit you.

Knight’s & Magic No aspect of this show should have appealed to me but I kept coming back to it and loving it. It was entertaining, smoothly-paced, and just generally well-done.

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun Nothing too serious–just fun and cute every week. Silly and easy to watch.

Re:Creators I don’t even know where to start. One of my favorite shows of the year. I was blown away constantly by this series. I think I must’ve teared up at least once every episode. Hell, I think during the final episode I just cried the entire time because it was that good and that beautiful and that amazing. I cannot say enough about how brilliant this was. I know some parts seemed a bit long-winded but it was all so, so important. PLEASE WATCH THIS.

Dive!! I had very high expectations for this show. Once I realized it was going to fall drastically short and just accepted that, then I actually enjoyed it. This show actually had some really great humorous parts that I didn’t expect but overall, I’ll admit, I was disappointed. But once I quit caring and resenting the fact it wasn’t as good as I thought it should be, then I really liked the last few episodes. Minimize your expectations (and speedos) to avoid disappointment, I guess.

Princess Principal Now I had no expectations for this one going in other than it sounded “kinda interesting.” I loved it. Cute girls, especially in this art style, really aren’t my thing at all. So I hope that illustrates how strong the story is, that a show I normally wouldn’t even try ended up being one of the best of the season.

Made in Abyss Where do I even start… If you like great art, quirky characters, adorable children, and fun, light-hearted romps through adventureland, you should totally watch—hahahahaha. Just kidding. I mean, yeah, it has great art, quirky characters, and I guess the children are kind of adorable when they aren’t talking about robot penises and maybe bleeding out their eyeballs…have I said too much? Seriously, though, this show kicked my ass in all the best ways. Visually it was amazing. Everything was put together so well it just sucked me right in and I had that feeling in my bones: “this is gonna be good.” And it was. Totally one of my top shows of the season, maybe the year.

Vatican Miracle Examiner This wasn’t anything like what I expected but I loved it anyway. Heck, maybe I loved it more for being totally…whatever it was. The word “campy” comes to mind even though I don’t think (?) that’s really what they were going for. Would I have stuck with this show if Junichi Suwabe hadn’t voiced the lead? The world may never know. But I’m glad I kept with it, diving into the seriously absurd (or absurdly serious?) world of the Vatican…

Hitorijime My Hero C’mon, people. You know me. Of course I loved the shit out of this.

Like Bakugo here, I love this show so much I could puke.

My Hero Academia What is left to say about this show–it’s always perfect all the time. Every week I just wanted more. I wanted to just watch hours of it. Consistently incredible.