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Quote of the Day

My lord, we look at you

as we might look at

a Peacock.

You are framed by something sublime

similar to

hope, worship and fear.

-Bleach vol. 28


Lesson 14.5:

…and if people refuse to see the error of their ways, well, there’s always Hell Girl.

“Your grievance shall be avenged.”


Manga Monday 6/29: Hellsing

Hellsing, Hellsing, Hellsing.  I actually saw the anime (the first one and Ultimate) before I started reading the manga.  But I needed more and with Geneon collapsing I figured more via Ultimate was going to take a while.

I really can’t say enough about this manga. I love the art, both the fine stuff and the comical stuff.  I love the graphic violence.  I love Alucard.  Sir Integra is everything I want to be.  I love Seras Victoria’s huge ass guns.

This manga is about vampires, violence, and Nazis.  Maybe it’s about other stuff too, but it’s so mind-blowing that I wouldn’t know.

And it was totally unintentional but I realize that second paragraph reads eerily like Major’s “I love war” speech.  Scary…but awesome.

AniWednesday 6/17: Cowboy Bebop

So yeah, this is the most obvious pick ever.  But I had to do it because “Cowboy Bebop” is the best anime of all time ever made.

I make that statement  a lot and the other day I started to question myself.  Is it really that good or am I just holding onto it because it’s one of the first anime I truly loved?  It’s not exactly new-hasn’t something dethroned it by now?

Nope.  It is perfect.  Every time I begin to doubt, I watch it, and am amazed for the millionth time at how totally awesome it is.

When I was originally pondering this as my pick for my first AniWednesday contribution ever, I thought it was kind of a silly pick because everyone has seen this show.  But then I realized: that doesn’t matter.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it immediately.  And if you have seen it already, watch it again.  And again.  And again.