Today’s Tub Manga: I Hear the Sunspot

This was a really endearing, one-off, mellow book. Despite the BL tag, it’s very…tame.

I appreciated how easy it was to get sucked into the story despite it being just one volume. You quickly get a feel for the characters and their backstories. I guess the book is kind of like a warm sweater..? It was just “comfortable.”

One thing that interested me was how people made assumptions about Kohei’s disability and the ways they reacted to it, both well-meaning people and not-so-well-meaning people. It makes the reader think without coming across as preachy. This sounds ridiculous but the author did a great job of making Kohei’s hearing the focus yet not making it the focus. The bigger issue was Kohei’s difficulty interacting with people–in theory, anything (or many things) could have been the cause of that. For the sake of this story, it was a hearing disability. But it didn’t have to be. So that gave the story a unique twist while still keeping it easily relatable.

One minor thing–at first the font was difficult to me to get used to. It kind of felt like I was reading a scan. Fortunately, the story was compelling enough that I got over it.



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