Today’s Tub Manga: Tokyo Tarareba Girls (volumes 2 & 3)

I actually had to kind of gear myself up to read volumes 2 and 3; even though this manga should be totally relatable to me, it deals with a “problem” that I don’t personally care about. And since I don’t have girlfriends and don’t drink much, volume one wore on me by the end.

However, barely into volume two, I was soooo glad I’d made myself get caught up on the series. Volume two felt like it had a lot less drunken whining and blew open the story more by incorporating the stories and perspectives of the other two friends. Now that the plot has been established in volume one, volume two felt like it got to really lay into the humor that I fell in love with during Princess Jellyfish.

Originally, I planned on just blogging volume two even though I read both because I felt volume two is actually the strongest so far. However, volume three does have its charm point in that the girls women are (I think?) becoming a bit more self-aware and having to face their issues. Or not face them, as the case may be. Volume three also gives us a new character to shake things up a bit. Heh.

Even though I’m not scrambling to get married before the Tokyo Olympics, there is something that definitely pulls at the heartstrings wonderfully and just a bit uncomfortably while reading “Tokyo Tarareba Girls.” These two volumes have really expanded on that feeling and make the reader go, “This is…too real.”



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