Today’s Tub Manga: Kiss Him, Not Me! (volume 11)

It’s volume 11 and the harem is trying to prevent Kae from being married off to her childhood friend.

I’ll admit, this level of ridiculousness (I guess I can’t be picky about ridiculousness this late in the game) kind of wore me out. The upside is, we’re heading to actual development (I think) from what I’ve read ahead via crunchyroll manga.

While the main plot is a bit taxing and seemingly mostly pointless until the last few pages, volume 11 is redeemed by the special short at the end of this book. I know it may seem hypocritical for me to 100% endorse a completely nonsensical body-switching short when I was complaining about ridiculousness, but this is the type of humor and insanity that originally hooked me on “Kiss Him, Not Me.”


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