Today’s Tub Manga: Yona of the Dawn (volume 6)

I might as well just get it out of the way: I love Hak and he is gorgeous.

Okay, so in volume 6, Yona meets the Green Dragon (who is my second favorite next to Hak) who doesn’t want to be the Green Dragon but she gets involved with his pirate crew to try to foil the wicked human trafficking plot of the local official.

This might actually be my favorite arc (which may not be the best thing to say because there’s a whole lot more Yona in the future) because we get:

  • 1) Jaeha being Jaeha and I read everything he says in Junichi Suwabe’s voice;
  • 2) Jaeha and Hak bantering, which is the best thing ever and totally makes the entire series better from here on out;
  • 3) perhaps most importantly, major character growth for Yona.
  • (And maybe 4: that infamous Honey Scene!).

I didn’t really give it much thought before but watching Yona undergo her trial made me like her more/all over again as a protagonist. Seeing her cry even as she insisted on completing her task made her more…real. She’s not some badass. She’s not a superhuman that went from being a pampered princess to a martial arts master overnight. She’s still very much an inexperienced girl trying to just do her best for the people she cares about. And while that sounds very trope-y as I type it, I actually really liked how her weakness and her strength was showcased simultaneously.



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