Today’s Tub Manga: Black Clover (volume 7)

I’ve loved “Black Clover” (and Yami, ahem) since the beginning. Every time I read it, whether it’s the paperback or by weekly chapter in Jump, I think, “This is the most shonen, shoneny, shoneniest thing EVER.” And I mean that in the best of ways.

Volume 7 opens not with an Author’s Note but a note instead from the author’s dog. So you know this is going to be an amazing volume. It’s worth buying just for that. We have some ominous political intrigue directly offset by Yami’s non-shit-giving nature and Asta’s endearing enthusiasm. Then it’s a beach scene (you really can’t beat that) and if Noelle can get a handle on her magic (spoiler: she does) they’ll end up at the bottom of the ocean in a magical ocean kingdom for a crazy battle royale.

So, it’s par for the course for “Black Clover.” Battles, crazy characters, battles, magic, Yami being Yami, battles, and hilarity.

I’ve said this about a lot of series but again, this is one worth buying just for the goofy little author’s notes and bonus story. “Black Clover” is just incredibly fun.


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