Today’s Tub Manga: Genshiken Second Season (volume 10)

There is something truly inexplicably special about the Genshiken series.

I had wondered, a volume or two ago, how long the Madarame-harem arc could continue and how much more ridiculousness it could handle. In volume 10, things are no less ridiculous but I had more of a feeling of “settling in” than with the previous volume. I felt more like, “Okay, we’re getting somewhere. This nonsense is going to make sense.” It finally felt…comfortable.

As much as otaku awkwardness and misunderstandings and feel comfortable, anyway.

That said, I always enjoy the humor and superb geek references Genshiken has to offer. It’s a series with a very distinct vibe and the characters feel oddly real despite some of their more extreme traits.

It’s the awkward outcast nerd club I never had. I understand these people even though I’ve never actually known them.

On a final note, I wanted to mention that volume 10 has some of my favorite panels and one-liners so far. Hato’s, “Fantasizing is what otaku do, right?” made me laugh out loud. And when I recently read another manga in Shonen Jump and the “coincidental stumble into and fall-on-each-other kiss” happened, allllll I could think of was Madarame’s rant about “lucky accidents” at the end of chapter 111. Thank you for that, Madarame; that’s been bugging me for years.


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