Today’s Tub Manga: Karneval (volume 7)

I can’t help it; every time I open the latest “Karneval” I think, “Holy shit, this is beautiful.”

Even if the story was complete crap, this manga would be saved by how delicious it is to my eyes. But thankfully, the story is not complete crap, but actually really enjoyable. Heh.

We are now way past where the anime ended and things are ramping up. However, volume 7 continues to do what hooked me with “Karneval” in the first place: maintain a perfectly seamless balance of action, humor, battles, intrigue, wit, and emotion. And oh, right, beauty. 😉

I do hope that someday we’ll see a continuation of the anime because I do love the voice cast (and so does the author-the Behind the Scenes notes from recordings in the last pages of previous volumes were a real treat). Until then, I’ll stick with the crew of Circus and enjoy the journey.


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