Today’s Tub Manga: Kuroko’s Basketball volume 6 (or 11 & 12)

I am thankful with each volume that “Kuroko’s Basketball” finally got English publication. My love of the series probably borders on obsession. But, uh, moving on to volume 6 specifically…

This 2-in-1 covers the backstory of my beloved Kiyoshi and his beloved Hyuga. I mean, uh, the backstory of how Kiyoshi pestered Hyuga to start the basketball club when they were first years. We also find out exactly how Kiyoshi hurt his knee and how serious of an injury it is…just in time to play the team that caused it all the year before! The plot thickens!

While the Kirisaki game is almost uncomfortable for me to watch (read?), I always tear up a little at Kiyoshi’s speech about protecting his team. And then I tear up again when the team promises to protect him. And I could re-read the Kiyoshi/Hyuga first year flashback a million times.

So obviously, I loved this particular volume of “Kuroko’s Basketball” (even though I love all volumes of “Kuroko’s Basketball”).


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