Today’s Tub Manga: My Brother’s Husband

I really debated on how to discuss this manga or if my discussion was even necessary. But ultimately I wanted to add my voice to all the rave reviews on the off chance I could encourage even just one more person to try it out.

If you are even remotely debating whether to read this manga, DO IT.

I had high expectations and this exceeded them all. I was blown away with how genuinely and honestly very real issues were presented and worked out. Or not worked out, for that matter. “My Brother’s Husband” allows for the possibility that things are just complicated.

Yes, this manga deals with homosexuality. But what I also really enjoyed was the prejudices and misconceptions about cultural differences. Tagame tackles some very sticky issues with deftness and sincerity without the manga feeling preachy or one-sided.

What I probably loved the most is how even though the initial situation seemed somewhat unlikely, the characters and their emotions felt very real. I can’t get over how brilliant and extremely well done this book is. Everything about it feels perfect to me. Now I can only hope we’ll see a volume two sooner rather than later…


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