Month: March 2016

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, since you asked (heh)…

I’ve been crying beautiful tears of appreciation weekly during Gintama‘s “Shogun Assassination” and now “Farewell Shinsengumi” arcs. I know I talk about this show ALL THE TIME but I’m at the point where words really can’t express how much I love it.

I was really frustrated at the ending of The Gokusen because I felt like it was “just getting good.” So I read the manga and ended up totally loving it. My brother originally recommended the anime because it’s “GTO but with a girl and she’s yakuza. It’s perfect for you.”

Speaking of Great Teacher Onizuka, the latest chapters of Paradise Lost have been great. (Available on crunchyroll manga.)

Haikyu!! is so perfect lately and as a result I’ve ended up gorging myself on Haikyu!! fanfic, including this amazing AsaNoya fic and its sequel by Codango.

For reasons I can’t quite understand I ended up getting really into Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin…so then I had to watch the original Gundam series…and so then maybe I became obsessed with Char and so my brother told me he was in Zeta Gundam…but what brother didn’t tell me is in Zeta, Char wears a sleeveless uniform that shows off his arms and I could hardly contain myself.

I’ve been laughing and reliving anime seasons gone by while reading the manga releases of  Nozaki-kun and Barakamon.

I might have actually burst blood vessels in my eye from playing too much Fire Emblem Fates

A friend sent me a pic of Kizuna from her used book store. I looked it up and after seeing something about high school friends, kendo, yakuza, half siblings, and lots of manly affection I had to try it. In the next-to-last book I finally realized that my fondness for Enjouji probably stemmed from his occasional similarity to Roy Mustang. Now that I type that, I worry people will think I’m crazy but I swear there are panels where they look very similar. Maybe it’s the smug smirk.

After seeing that First Love Monster is getting an anime I thought I should try the manga. It sounded so..stupid. And it kind of is, but in a really fun way.

On a sad note, my friend Wickie, best known as the villain in the LubbyCats webcomic, has passed on.

So I think that pretty much sums it up. What have you been up to?