Say What? It’s Fall 2015?!

Heck yeah it is. So what new stuff are we watching? How about…

One-Punch Man I got hooked on the manga when it started its run in English JUMP and have been excited for the anime ever since I heard rumors about it. This is something worth being excited about! The first episode matched the outrageous, goofy manga style which made me super happy.

K: Return of Kings Another highly-anticipated show for me. I loved the first season and the movie. My brother (who is totally unfamiliar with the other K shows) was in the room for the first episode and about halfway through made the comment that, “This is like a battle version of ‘Uta no Prince-sama‘ without the irrelevant generic girl character.” Which sounds to me like the MOST AWESOME THING EVER! So maybe that’s why I really enjoy “K.”

Young Black Jack At first brother said, “Why are you watching this?” then we see a ripped, shirtless, stitch-heavy Young Black Jack and I said, “Do you need to ask that now?” Shirtlessness aside, the anime holds onto the Tezuka darkness while, uh, improving the look. For the Tezuka fans out there, though, we still have a few characters that look like they stepped right off his page. Lots of potential here.

UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen- I loved the first Utawarerumono anime way back when. This first episode bored me a little but I’ll stick with it for a while.

Noragami Aragoto Really excited for this one. I loved the first season so much I got into the manga. Seeing the Bishamon Arc animated is going to be awesome so this show is a pretty safe bet.

Haikyu!! Woo, second season! I didn’t realize I missed this show so much but I started drooling with happiness within the first few minutes. This is one of those shows that I’m always mind-boggled when someone tells me they don’t like it. “It’s so GOOD, how can you not like it?!” Regardless, after the first episode I’m way more excited than I thought I’d be and already wishing I had more to watch.

Lance N’ Masques Not exactly sure why I put this in my queue but I don’t think it’ll stay there. The premise is okay but the cutesy-ness of the girls and the art style are more irritating than endearing.

Comet Lucifer First-episode fatigue is beginning to set in and I’m getting easily annoyed with how all these first episodes are the same (even though, objectively, they really aren’t). This should be interesting but I’ve seen enough first-episode boys zipping around on air-skateboards to last me a lifetime. As of now my favorite character is that annoying guy in the frilly shirt; he’s way more interesting than the main (what I’m assuming are the main?) characters.

Starmyu In case you weren’t already questioning my taste…THIS SHOW MADE ME SO HAPPY! I know I was just bitching about first-episode fatigue and how all first episodes are the same and I admit, this one isn’t special. But it unashamedly “is what it is” and “it is” beautiful boys dancing and singing voiced by voice actors I love. I have several other shows to try, otherwise I’d totally rewatch this episode.

Hakone-chan Super short, which might be good. Although I was kinda of getting used to things just as the episode ended (we’re talking around 3 minute episodes). I generally have a hard time sticking with a series with the short-episode format, though. 😦

The Asterisk War Confession: this wasn’t even on my list of possibilities until I read somewhere that Tomokazu Sugita was in it. My first impression is that it’s all, um, very…sparkly and shiny. By the end of the first episode, though, I liked it more than I thought I would.

Mr. Osomatsu No lie, I was a bit worried about this one but the voice actor lineup drew me like a moth to a flame…hahahaha. Anyway, all my worries were for nothing because this first episode is so fucking hilarious. Other people in the house were sleeping as I watched this and I started choking from trying to “laugh quietly.”

There were a few other shows I wanted to check out but apparently they aren’t out yet so I’ll either update this later or just comment on them if I pull off a mid-season post.

What was your biggest bummer? What show left the biggest impression? What does Fall 2015 have in store for us?!


One thought on “Say What? It’s Fall 2015?!

  1. My most anticipated this season is “Haikyuu!!”, although I don’t plan on watching it while it’s airing. I’ll wait until all episode of the season are out. Cant’t wait!

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