Kaze Hikaru

Once a year, the most magical, wonderful, blissful thing happens:

a new volume of “Kaze Hikaru” is released.

On my “favorite manga shelf” you’ll find “Hellsing,” “Berserk,” “Black Lagoon,” and “Gintama,” among others. I have plenty of “Dogs: Bullets & Carnage,” “Bastard!,” “Wolfsmund,” “Vagabond,” “Gangsta,” “Vinland Saga,” “REAL,” and “Eyeshield 21.”

But my absolute *favorite* manga, the one I own both physically and digitally and have read each volume over and over and over? “Kaze Hikaru.”

In fact, the day volume 22 came out I read it THREE times. And that was just that first day; I’ve read it again since. Yes, it’s “shojo.” But more importantly it’s about the Shinsengumi. Revenge. History. Katana. Violence. Intrigue. Warrior spirit. Blood, sweat, tears. Strength. Is it about “love”? Yeah, sure…but it’s about so much *more.*

So for the love of all that’s holy, GO READ KAZE HIKARU!


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