Eyeshield 21

It was a long, hard-fought battle full of blood, sweat, tears, and many events with “Death” in the title. It was…Eyeshield 21!

Sena is an insecure gopher whose only visible redeeming quality is his speed, built out of necessity from years of being ordered around. So of course it makes sense to recruit him as a running back for the Deimon Devil Bats! Though the Bats have a rough, delinquent-like exterior, the core group of three guys share a promise and a dream–to get to the Christmas Bowl! Say it with me, the Christmas Bowl! Now to just recruit more losers and delinquents and turn them into a winning football team…can it be done?!

At 145 episodes, this series felt pretty long. Was it worth it? YES! It was sports anime to the MAX (as Monta would say). I loved (re)learning football from a Japanese perspective. I reached a point where I enjoyed watching anime football more than real-life football. I loved the characters, the rivalries, the friendships…learning, growing, working hard, all the stuff that great sports anime should be. And I loved the interaction between Hiruma and Mamori. Hehehe.

My advice would be to watch the entire episode–you have to watch the little snippets after the end theme or you’re missing some of the best parts of the show.

Eyeshield 21 was a fun, gag anime/sports anime combo. Highly recommend.



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