Millennium Actress

No exaggeration, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I realize this is not a new film by any means but I hadn’t seen it before. Much like my experience with “Paranoia Agent,” my brother’s Satoshi Kon obsession led to me watching shows I’d always *meant* to watch…but hadn’t quite gotten around to it.

My recommendation: absolutely watch “Millennium Actress.” If you like movies, anime, movies about film, Japanese culture, acting, great filmmaking, realistic-yet-fantastic characters, crying, laughing, mind-boggling, being awed, feeling fulfilled…if you like any of those things, watch this movie.

I realize I love all Satoshi Kon films and anything he does is pretty much genius by default, but five minutes into “Millennium Actress” I thought to myself, “This is brilliant. This is the most amazing thing.”

When it was over, I couldn’t quit crying (in a good way) and realized this could very well be the best movie I’d ever seen.


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