On Beauty

The more I look at myself, the more ugly things I find. So this reply from Nobu  (“Ooku” volume 5) when advised by the Shogun to take more care to be attractive struck me as funny:

“My reason being that I myself am drawn not at all to men of beauteous appearance. If there be maidens such as myself, then it doth follow that there be men of this nature also, who take no pleasure in comeliness, but indeed prefer plain looks in a woman. Therefore I have ne’er once taken it to heart that I am not pretty, Your Highness, ne’er once!”


One thought on “On Beauty

  1. Looks are often deceiving as well as subjective.
    Dear Shogun – you can put a bow on a pile of shit but yet it is still a pile of shit.
    Inner attractiveness will always shine through the “shell” that society judges & will be a beacon which will draw those of equal nature.
    You, my dear Girl, are a genuine beauty and even a blind chihuahua could see that as clear as day ;0)

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