Month: January 2011

On Beauty

The more I look at myself, the more ugly things I find. So this reply from Nobu  (“Ooku” volume 5) when advised by the Shogun to take more care to be attractive struck me as funny:

“My reason being that I myself am drawn not at all to men of beauteous appearance. If there be maidens such as myself, then it doth follow that there be men of this nature also, who take no pleasure in comeliness, but indeed prefer plain looks in a woman. Therefore I have ne’er once taken it to heart that I am not pretty, Your Highness, ne’er once!”


Better Late Than Never

Whoo hoo! Time for the obligatory New Year post.

I’m not really one for resolutions, mostly because if I want to do something (or feel like I should do something) I don’t have the patience to wait until January 1st to resolve to do it. And if I have something I dread so much that I do put it off til January 1st, I never stick with it.

So why am I bringing this up? Because while I don’t really want to call it a resolution, there is something I’ve been working on and I want to make more progress in 2011. It’s time to get tougher. I talk a big game, but I’m kind of a wimp about certain things. I need to be more self-sufficient and less lazy. Or at least really competent in between bouts of laziness.

The last couple years have seemed especially full of people who turned out to be not what they said they were. I know I’ve bitched about this a lot and it’s not an occurrence exclusive to my life at all. But more than I ever I don’t want to be in that category and I don’t want to bitch about those people anymore. So my solution is to not be like those people. Time to toughen up and walk the walk and all that good shit.

So why the hell am I wasting your time telling you this? Because by putting this out there for my millions of adoring readers (heh) to see, I’m committed to doing it. Now if I don’t do it, you all can call me a big fat liar. Well, you could call me that anyway, I suppose, just for fun but at least in this case you’d be justified.

Alright, cue some theme music. I need a montage. Time to be better.