Month: October 2010

Worth Waiting a Year For

In my lap is a weird ginormo hybrid manga of “The Wallflower” volumes 22, 23, & 24 all smooshed together in one humongous fat book. Why they released the three volumes together, I have no idea. But because it was released that way, I had been waiting a year for more “The Wallflower.” A YEAR.

And it was so worth it! *squee*

The first couple stories were great but things started getting super fantastic with “How To Be A Princess of Darkness (Part I).” The story opens with Sunako reading a book about a vampire princess who refused to feast on a handsome gentleman and as a result, wasted away and died. …Then we turn the page and see Sunako ripping the book half:

“What a crappy book. Why would a vampire who lives in darkness fall for a handsome gentleman?”

I laughed out loud because, well, it sounded like something I would say and in this depressing age of sparkly high school vampires (yes, you’d think I would be over that, but I’m still irritated by the whole thing) I thought it was extra hilarious. As you may have guessed, Sunako ends up in a situation where she runs into a vampire and wants him to drink her blood…which prompts this great line that I plan on interjecting into everyday conversations:

“No, Sunako-chan. (I know he’s hot but) he’s a cold-blooded killer! You’ll die!”

In the story “I Can’t Sleep Tonight” Sunako and Kyohei get addicted to videogames right before finals when they should be studying. Though I thought of someone specific, I think we all can learn something from:

“I never knew zombies could get in the way of studying so much.”

Definitely a lesson to live by.

In “Go, Sebastian, Go” the Landlady kicks out Sebastian (her butler/assistant guy) to go on vacation; he ends up with Sunako and the boys. The boys can’t believe the Landlady is so mean but Sebastian corrects them:

Sebastian: “No…the Madam may give off the appearance of being strong and tough but she’s actually very sensitive.”

The Boys: “Even though she’s evil? Even though she’s the devil?”

Guess maybe that just reminded me of someone I know. 😉

Aaand because we’ve been waiting A YEAR the last story in the megavolume is fun and squee-tastic. Though it wasn’t some cool sexy line from Kyohei that stuck out or some unusually self-aware quote from Sunako. It was the Landlady saying:

“Now every time we see each other she won’t shut up about how I never got to have kids. ‘There’s nothing more joyous in life than raising children. It’s much more fun to raise a child than to go gallivanting about to and fro.’ Fuck off! What’s so great about having kids?”

I laughed out loud. The fact that just earlier today I was bitching about something similar (though really not similar at all) just made the timing all the more perfect.

Before I burst and explode warm & fuzziness all over the place (I’d tell you why, but don’t want to be a damn spoiler-er), I’ll leave you with this from always-cool Kyohei (because really, what’s a “The Wallflower” post without Kyohei?). It was one of those special-creepy instances where manga mirrors something currently happening in my life:

“If being a lady means wasting your life trying to bring down everyone else around you, then you’re right. She’s no lady. But she’s a much finer woman than you’ll ever be.”


Uncharacteristic Mush

I’m not very good at phrasing this gracefully but:

There are a few of you out there who make my life better simply because you’re part of it, virtually or otherwise.

And I wanted to thank you for that.