Month: September 2010

Lesson 16: Ch-Ch-Changes OR Whiny Bitches Deserve to be Slapped

I had a Twitter friend recommend “Eureka 7” to me and after reading an article raving about the storytelling in the anime, I thought I’d give it a try.

After pushing through all 50 episodes, I explained it to my brother like this: “If it just hadn’t had the two main characters, this anime could have been pretty enjoyable.”

The very first episode begins with our male protagonist, Renton, bitching about how boring his life is. Unfortunately, that pretty much sets the tone for the whole series. Teenage angst isn’t really my thing. I felt like the anime was a loop of Renton confused and whining and Eureka whining and crying. Every few episodes one of them would get slapped out of it by Talho or Holland. While that made me feel better briefly, it didn’t really deter more whining/crying moments later.

The good thing? There’s a lesson to be learned. People don’t like whiny criers. Especially not 50 episodes in a row. If you’re not going to quit crying and DO something, then you deserve to be slapped. Repeatedly.

Partway through the series, Eureka starts “changing.” You know this not only by looking at her but because of her extensive talk about it. (I had hopes this meant she’d whine and cry less, but no.) As Eureka was blathering to Talho about how they’re changing and change is good, I thought to myself, “I’m not a fan of change. But people should change. We’d be boring if we stayed the same out entire lives.” But then I thought of when people say, in that snotty voice, “You’ve changed” like it’s a bad thing. I hate it when people tell me that.

But why? Shouldn’t I embrace that? Shouldn’t that mean I’m growing and improving as a person? If friendships fade away as a result, so what? Were they really friendships to begin with? Why would I stay stagnant for the sake of another person? Isn’t life about learning, growing, and being more than you were before?

Then again, Talho’s character changed into someone boring and lame. And Eureka was still crying and whining despite changing quite a bit in other ways. So I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same?