Blind Leading the Blind

Some of you already know this, but I have a dog. A blind chihuahua. He is my baby.

After a cat scratch when he was about 1 that went misdiagnosed for a while, he had to have expensive eye surgery that resulted in removing the infected eyeball and replacing it with a silicon implant. Then, when he was 5, a different cat scratched his other eye and he had even more expensive surgery that was supposed to save his vision. It didn’t but he was alive and relatively well and he fetches and gets around and only bumps into things sometimes.

The “natural” eyeball went through a series of changes. It was foggy gray, then seemed to clear up a bit and I had hope maybe he would see again one day.

However, last night I looked at him and his eye is completely clouded. His fake eye looks more real than his real eye. But what really concerns me is that his real eye…has shrunk. Like I said, he got his implant when he was one; that implanted eye is way larger than his natural eye. I think his eye is dying. Shriveling up. I feel like I should call the dog eye doctor and make an appointment for the next time he’s in Montana (making it a 3 hour drive to see the doctor instead of 7) but a big part of me is afraid to hear what he’s going to say.

The surgery that was supposed to “fix” his eye in the first place was $3,000. The first surgery that resulted in the implant was $1,000. And while I am very, very broke, this isn’t even a money issue…what if they can’t even do an implant? What if they have no choice but to take it out and stitch it up and leave him ugly? What if it’s a sign of something else entirely? What if, by being in denial and hoping he’d get better, I’ve already waited too long and nothing can be done?

Last night I couldn’t decide what to do. He’s already been through so much I hate to put him through more stress and trauma if it’s not absolutely necessary. His last eye surgery, he almost died; he wouldn’t wake up from the anesthetic. I don’t want either of us to go through that again. But after reading this post today, I realize I owe it to him to make up my mind and do something.


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