Madame Ovary

Every few years, it seems I’m surrounded by pregnant people. This is one of those years, apparently.

Pregnancy has always kind of weirded me out. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted children–I love kids, but I don’t love them 24/7. Marriage terrifies me.

But I’m currently inundated with pregnant women. And they’re so happy.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad they’re happy. They should want to be pregnant and want to have a baby and this is a big deal and I’m “happy that they’re happy” so to speak. What I don’t get is why they’re happy. Are they happy because truly, this is what they’ve always wanted? Are they happy because they were told this is what they should want? If my mom had told me life was about men and babies instead of telling me life was so much more than that, would I be content with a man and baby? Or would I have thought she was nuts? Or would I have tried it and realized too late she was wrong?

I’ve come to accept that for a lot of women, this is truly a life they want and I try to respect their point of view. I’m all about doing what makes you happy. However, I wish they’d give me the same consideration. I am not less or incomplete or androgynous because I’ve chosen a path different from theirs.


2 thoughts on “Madame Ovary

  1. okay here is what’s going on. You are right to say you are not less of a woman, nor a person for not wanting the kind of life that is expected of a woman. To marry, to have a family. However, women that have kids not necessarily have them to fufill the expectation of society of their own, meaning that they are not always married or having a so called happy life. I think what makes a woman really happy about pregnancy is the fact that they have something inside of them that comes from them. Something that will forever be theirs even when the child becomes independent. My mom used to tell me i was a little piece of her and whether my choices in life were to be different from hers i will still be connected to her because i came from her belly. i think that is what makes them happy, and that is a beautiful thing. But like i said it doesnt mean you are less of a woman for not wanting that.

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