So if you haven’t started reading Ôoku: The Inner Chambers yet I suggest you start. I wasn’t sure about it at first–too many awards, too much hype, that obnoxious olde tymey talking they do…but I have yet to be disappointed in a volume.

TMI time: I read in the tub. I tweet in the tub. Check email in the tub. As much as I love manga, sometimes I can’t help but take a break between chapters and check my tweets and email and texts. Not with “Ooku”, though. Once I start that first page, I’m captivated and committed to reading it clear through, without interruption. To really bring the drama home for you here: I’m generally kind of a hard ass, but with every volume of “Ooku” I’ve felt something. What I feel, I don’t really know. Love? Loss? Sympathy? Indigestion? Confusion?

Regardless, I am really enjoying this series so far.


3 thoughts on “Ooku

    1. No, I’m not Yaime…that I know of, anyway. 😉 I didn’t know what to think of “Ooku” at first but now I’m just in love with it. So if you haven’t read it…by all means, check out vol. 1! Well, wait-read vol 1 & 2…then make your decision. 🙂

  1. I know you are not Yaime, it was just a joke? I don’t know, I just said that. Yeah I will check them out, I just did a search on the name and read what it is about. So Im interested a lot more now… thanks!

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