Month: October 2009

Lesson 15: Love Is…

The other day a friend of mine tweeted: #loveis wanting to watch every movie you’ve ever seen, again, just to see if it’s different when watching with someone you love.”

Being a cynical bitch, I immediately mocked her for this. Nicely. Well, I meant to do it nicely.  But then I had to wonder, is that really what love is? Thankfully before I hurt my brain, “Wallflower” volume 21 arrived and gave me the answer.

The other three boys keep telling Kyohei that he is in love with Sunako. Kyohei has never been in love before so he doesn’t know if he is or isn’t and the thought that he might be in love with Sunako of all people really bothers him. He’s so troubled by this that he goes and meditates, trying to find the answer. In his meditation he pictures Sunako standing before him with a plate of her special fried shrimp. He realizes then that he must love Sunako, right?

He returns home and indeed, Sunako is standing there with a plate of fried shrimp.  As Kyohei is about to profess his love for Sunako, she shoves a fried shrimp in his mouth and all becomes clear to him: “Wait a sec-what I really wanted was the fried shrimp…I’ve been hearing so much about love and romance that I misunderstood my own feelings!”

I could get deep with this one and suggest that love is an illusion and that it’s not how we feel about/for another person, but rather how other people make us feel. But instead of getting all heavy with the topic, I’m just going to say:

Love is fried shrimp.

Yep, it’s that simple.