Lesson 14: Redemption

One of the things I’ve noticed in anime and manga is the theme of redemption.  I’ve been watching “Ruroni Kenshin” lately and the entire series is about people trying to live their lives in a way to do penance for their sins. They’ve changed the way they live their lives so that they are better people in the hopes of somehow offsetting the evils in their pasts.

I thought this was post-worthy because this prompted me to think about all of the people out there–people we know personally and celebrities–who say they are sorry and ask our forgiveness.

What I have noticed is that so many people think that “being forgiven” is enough. That even apologizing is enough. And they go on to make the same mistakes/decisions time after time and expect to be forgiven just by uttering an apology.  To me, being sorry means you will do your best to be a better person so that you won’t have to apologize for making the same mistake or committing the same transgression.

But the beautiful thing is that although there are many people out there who say, “I’m sorry” without a care for what it means and no intention of changing their ways, redemption is available to everyone. It’s never too late to try to be a better person.


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