Manga Monday 6/22: Heavenly Hockey Club

This manga originally appealed to me because I thought finally someone wrote a manga about me.

Our protagonist Hana loves to eat, sleep, and take baths. Yep-sounds like me, alright.

However, Hana also gets caught up/conned into being a member of the school’s field hockey team where she’s surrounded by her hot guy teammates.  They travel all over Japan, trying to actually play field hockey but that never seems to happen with the misadventures that ensue.  Not to mention, with all the hot springs to visit and the excellent food to eat, when does the club have time to actually play hockey?

That doesn’t sound like my life at all.

So while it turns out this manga isn’t actually about me…it’s still a light, entertaining read.  It’s cute without being obnoxious and is a great manga to read in the tub.


2 thoughts on “Manga Monday 6/22: Heavenly Hockey Club

  1. I like to eat and sleep, but strangely enough I don’t like showers. That’s not to say I don’t shower, I do, and I like the showered state, but the act itself is like eating because you have to sometimes…not to mention I autopilot and go, ‘Huh? Have I shampooed? -squints-‘ Baths are cool, though. They’ll probably be cool until I fall asleep in one. XD

    Hmm I’ll check Heavenly Hockey Club out, but will probably be too lazy to read/find it up to v7 (and it’s still ongoing, yes?) at Kino. 🙂 Though …I’m not so sure about you, Del Rey.. -peers at publisher-

  2. I love anime as well… but not the kind I can watch in front of the kidz.. or wife. hee hee. Thanks for stopping by the ‘Pepsi’ post at my blog!

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