Lesson 13: I am George Koizumi

Okay, I’m really not.  I’m not a guy, not handsome and I’m not bisexual with fantastic fashion sense.  I’d like to apologize in advance for the dramatic tone.  🙂

A while back, to see what the fuss was about, I read “Twilight.”  And thought I was going to vomit.  I like my vampires a little less high school and a little more Alucard.  My mom read the book and said, “I can see the appeal to older ladies.  It reminds you of the innocence of the first person you loved in high school.”

I know this is TMI, but there was nothing innocent about my “first love” in high school.   That is probably why when I first read “Paradise Kiss” I could relate to Yukari.  No, I wasn’t model material, but I was caught up in something fast and crazy and I wanted it to work but I knew it just wasn’t meant to be.  He was too controlling and I was too stubborn and our personalities were too destructive together.

But I realized yesterday that I’m not Yukari anymore.  I’m George.  I’m the narcissist, the selfish one…the one who pushes your boundaries until you stand up for yourself and make me mad because I don’t get my way or you give in and I don’t respect you because it was too easy.  You can’t win.  George as described as “not a man that will make a woman happy.”

I’m seriously thinking about getting a shirt made that simply says, “I will not make you happy.”


5 thoughts on “Lesson 13: I am George Koizumi

  1. Ew, is that why my mom liked Twilight? -_- Don’t wanna know… At least she’s moved on to Sookie Stackhouse since that…(not having read that, can’t say how bad it is/isn’t.)

    What if you wear that shirt, and someone comes up to you and says…’I don’t want to be happy, I want you.’ -looks at what she wrote and gets goosebumps- Don’t mind me, I’m weird in the early morning. XD

    1. You leave great comments! And for the record, I love the Sookie Stackhouse books. Viking + Vampire = yum! Anyway…that might make me reconsider my shirt idea…

      1. Aw I laggy. XD One day I’ll actually pay attention to google reader and actually subscribe to comments too. =)

        Only cos you write great posts. ^^ And Viking vampires, really?! That just moved the to-read factor for that series up a few notches.. Now, if only I could find it among my morass of random files/ebooks…

        I just thought of some creepy leering guy saying that..not fun. Nonetheless, would be interesting to see whether people actually bother to react anyway. Hmm.

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