Detour: Never Trust A Guy Who Says He Has a Steak Better Than a Filet

Okay, so, the title is hugely long and once again, has nothing to do with anime.

I went out to dinner last night with my mom and our friend; mom and I were both craving the delicious filet mignon offered at this particular restaurant.  As soon as we walked in the door, the (new) waiter said, “Are you ladies meat-eaters?  I’ve got a great steak on special tonight.”  Mom said, “Better than filet?” and he said, “Oh yeah.”  At that point, I quit listening because I knew he was lying.  There is no better steak than filet mignon.

Anyway, as it happened, I ordered the filet and my mom got suckered into this “kobe” New York.  All the while, the waiter is trying to flirt with me and I’m responding in my coldly bitchy way that I respond to pretty much all flirting.  As a result, the ladies were making fun of me and I finally said, “I do not appreciate being sexually harrassed when I’m trying to eat.”  My friend said, “Oh, he’s just flirting.”  I told her I didn’t really see the difference.

When the steak came, I tried it, and as I expected it was drastically inferior to my filet mignon.  My mom was quite disappointed that she didn’t get the filet, which was the whole reason she even came to eat at that restaurant.  However, it gets better…we got the bill.

And found out mom’s shitty steak cost way more than my cooked-to-perfection filet mignon.

And that’s when I said, “Never trust a guy who says he has a steak better than a filet.”

So ladies…that is your lesson.  And for the guys out there, the lesson is: If you expect me to flirt back, don’t dare try to sell me inferior meat.

…interpret that how you will.


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