Lesson 11: A Lady Is…

I just finished the “Wallflower” anime minutes ago.  And how can you talk about “Wallflower” without talking about…beauty?

Some things in my life have changed since I watched the first half of “Wallflower” and this time around, when they did the flashback to Sunako being told by the guy she likes, “I hate ugly girls” something pinged in my brain.  I had my own mini-flashback to not-too-long ago when someone whose opinion I cared about told me, “I think you could be hot, if you really worked at it.”  Sure, it’s not the same thing as “I hate ugly girls” but…it kinda is.

So dealing with that, I was trying to figure out: is the lesson in “Wallflower” that appearances don’t matter, even though that’s all the show is about?  I mean, they have to matter somewhat, don’t they?  The show is all about how everyone is after the bishonen because of their good looks.  The main plot is that they’re trying to make Sunako presentable to get free rent.  Noi always talks about how much work she puts into being beautiful.

This isn’t a new topic to ponder for me.  I’d recently decided that even men who have standards will make an exception so it wasn’t worth it for me to work so hard to attain something so immeasurable.  However, watching “Wallflower” made me think it might be worth it to at least try to be beautiful.

But then, at the very end, when it becomes apparent that Sunako is Sunako and she will never be the lady Auntie wants her to be, Auntie says, “A lady!  Someone who never compromises her beliefs!  Someone who is proud of all the things she really likes! Someone who is able to shine without wearing a dress!  Or any makeup!  That is a lady!”  And I thought of all the times people have called me a bitch because I’ve stood up for what I believe in and wouldn’t back down; all the times people have suggested I’m a redneck because I enjoy hunting; all the times I’ve heard lesbian jokes at my expense because I never wear a skirt…

Perhaps it doesn’t say much about my life that I get inspired by speeches from anime characters.  But I think it was nice to hear Auntie confirm what I’ve known all along.


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