Detour: What does it mean to be “busy”?

For my anime fans out there, this post has nothing to do with anime.

Yesterday I had a client, one of my “regulars” who seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.  It had been months since her last appointment when she had been coming at least weekly.  When she came for her appointment, she said, “I’ve been meaning to get in but I’ve just been so busy.”  I thought about that for a moment but it seemed somewhat reasonable, despite the fact she works in a landscaping business and there has been several snow storms here over the past couple weeks.

Yet today, I had an appointment for a pedicure (and I love my pedicures) and I was like, “I need to cancel that. I’m too busy.”  As soon as I canceled it, I regretted it.  Because really, what am I too busy doing?  Too busy blogging?  Checking Twitter?  Texting?  Updating my business website that no one looks at?  Working on business mailers that no one reads?  I have no appointments today; the fact is, I’m the opposite of “too busy”-I’m bored to tears! Bored to tears with ugly toes, no less.

While I was away at school, I had a friend who would call me about once a month.  I’d be wanting to talk to someone and I’d text him or call him and he wouldn’t respond then weeks later when he’d call, he’d say, “Sorry, I was just so busy.”  So busy doing what?  He’s entitled to do whatever activities he wants without my permission, but I just didn’t buy this whole “busy” thing.  When I graduated and returned home, miraculously, he started calling.  All. the. time.  I quit taking his calls and once in a while would text him, “Sorry!  I’m just so busy!”

As part of my marketing plan for my business, I sent out a lot of certificates for free sessions to people I knew who were the type of people I wanted for my clients: a bit stressed, a bit achy, and a bit of disposable income.  I sent out my cards back in November and December and to this day most of them are still out there somewhere, unused.  Whenever I run into a recipient, they say, “I still have your certificate!  I’ll make it in one of these days, I promise-I’ve just been so busy.”

I have a friend who I e-mail constantly.  We don’t expect “normal” people to keep up the kind of e-mail volume we put out; however, it’s amazing how when either one of us e-mails someone, weeks go by and when we finally get a reply, it’s “Sorry!  I’ve just been so busy!”

I understand people do get legitimately busy.  Some days I’m just going gangbusters cranking out stuff, cleaning, printing, working, exercising, whatever.  But I think as a whole we need to get over this excuse of being busy all the time.  Because we’re not really saying, “Sorry!  My day is so full of necessary activity I barely have time to sleep!”…we’re saying, “Sorry!  You don’t matter!  You’re not a priority to me!”

I’m sure there are tons of people out there who feel they are truly busy and are offended by this.  But I’m just too busy to care.


2 thoughts on “Detour: What does it mean to be “busy”?

  1. Very true. -wry- Often we do have things to do…or rather, things we should do. But then I’m off doing things I don’t really need to do, and if it’s something I should do, then of course, it never gets done..

    That reminds me, I should reply to that email. XD

  2. I have a lover who flips between “busy” and “working”. When working he tends to detail his tasks…….once when stated he was busy I found him to be “fooling around” or being unfaithful. Studying his choice of terms has led to this distinction. He is “busy” less often than he is”working”……I guess thats a good sign.

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