Okay, so I know everyone is talking about bailouts and we’re all just sick of hearing about it.  But I was sitting here thinking, where was the bailout for Geneon and ADV?  You know, for things that actually matter.

I’ve also heard rumblings of some wanting to bail out these dying newspapers…where was the bailout for Newtype USA?  I mean, at least you got a sample dvd with that, which is more than a newspaper has ever given me.

I’m being facetious (mostly); I don’t believe in bailouts.  I think companies should have to stand on their own.  I was as upset as anyone when Geneon ceased US distribution and was even more upset when I went through the same “anime discontinued halfway through the season” experience with ADV.  But as a result, the industry was forced to adapt.  Now, instead of paying almost $30 for a single disc with four episodes, we can buy a series (or even half of a series) for $40-$80.

However, even though I’m glad to see that anime as a general rule is less expensive, I still miss Geneon and ADV-and I’m  saddened by the fact that the reason they went under is because so many people out there wanted it all for free.  As these things usually seem to go, it’s those of us who were willing to pay a fair price for something we love who are now paying the highest price-how much anime is out there that we will never get to see (or started and never got to finish)?  And all because people felt they were entitled for free to the things the rest of us were paying for.


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