Lesson Seven: Only a Badass Can Wear Girlie Armor

When I first started watching “Saint Seiya” and found the protagonist’s armor was called Pegasus Armor, I was skeptical.  The characters Unicorn and Cygnus didn’t help alleviate that skepticism.  The Andromeda Armor and Nebula Chain just finally blew me away.  This was ridiculous!  These manly men, in Pegasus, Unicorn, Swan, and Andromeda Armor?

But what can I say, they’re growing on me and these guys are tough.  I saw a poster today for a karate meeting or something and on the poster were pictures of a tiger, a cobra, and a dragon.  My brother was making fun of it and I said, “No kidding.  If they were really tough guys, they’d have pictures of a pegasus, a swan, and Andromeda.  Then we’d know they mean business.”

I’ll be the first to say I don’t like my men in pink and I will also be the first one to make fun of a guy for choosing that color.  However, that’s how I know that you must be an especially tough guy to pull it off because if I’m making fun of you for it, then a million other people are trying to pick a fight with you too.

The more I thought about this, the more gender-questionable anime boys came to mind.  I thought of the first time I saw Kurama in “Yu Yu Hakusho” and was nonplussed by his Rose Whip.  With his soft, sophisticated voice, such stylish metrosexual clothes, and a Rose Whip, how dangerous could this guy really be?  His weapon is a rose.  And then there’s Kazuki from “GetBackers” who is so androgynous that you think he might be a girl at first and it becomes a running joke in the series.  Kazuki with his ferocious weapon–strings.  Oh, and don’t forget Yukimura Sanada in “Samurai Deeper Kyo” who dressed in drag…for no real reason I can discern; I think he just thought it would be fun.  (Yes, I know it was supposed to be a “disguise” but c’mon, you really think he couldn’t have found a better disguise?) Unfortunately, the more I pondered, the more conflicted I became.  These are some of my favorite characters!  What does that say about me?  I don’t like girly men!  Am I going crazy?  Could this unlock the secret to all my failed relationships?

The answer is no.  Kurama, Kazuki, and Yukimura have a couple key things in common: they are among the smartest characters in their respective series, generally the first ones to figure out the current devious plot and they are all among the strongest characters in their respective series.  That is why they can get away with dressing like women and having weeny-sounding weapons-because they are badasses and they will f— you up.


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