Lesson Five: Go for it!

This post is dedicated to those hard-working folks out there who may be facing a job change, thinking about starting their own business, or just taking a risk of any kind.

I have a friend who is a business idea machine.  While I think most of his ideas are good ones, he has one right now that could really be “it.”  However, like many good ideas, this one involves a certain degree of risk and could either be what propels him to the big time or…an ultimate failure.  As someone who has risked ultimate failure for the sake of job happiness, I wanted to give him some anime-themed inspiration.

I started thinking about the big risks in anime (and manga) and names just started rolling in.  I thought of Ichigo and the others going to the Soul Society against all odds to save Rukia, which they did.  Yusuke staying in Demon World for a couple years to train and figure some things out, leaving his girlfriend, friends, and family behind but returning stronger than ever, just in time to reunite with his friends and Keiko.  Sei from “Kaze Hikaru” passing herself off as a boy to join the Shinsengumi and avenge her family.  Spike leaving the syndicate to try his hand at bounty hunting.  However, I wanted an example that was less tournament fighting and more career-related and that’s when two of my favorite guys came to mind: Ban and Ginji.  The GetBackers.

Ban and Ginji left behind all things familiar to form the GetBackers.  Ginji left behind the only home he’d ever known and his loyal followers, who were pretty angry about his decision to leave.  Anyone who follows the GetBackers series is going to say, “Do you really want this as an example to start a new business when Ban and Ginji are always broke?”  My answer is: Of course!  Ban and Ginji make money.  They just quickly lose it again.  Besides, the two of them are doing what they love to do.  They have freedom.  Most of those bitter, angry friends have come around and friendships have been rekindled.  As a side note, because of Ginji’s entrepreneurial adventure, most of his former subordinates were inspired to strike out on their own as well.  Sure, the business isn’t always easy, but for the most part Ban and Ginji have found happiness in what they do.  “Because the ‘s’ in GetBackers means we never have to be alone!”  Sorry-just had to throw that in there.

So if you’re thinking about doing something bold, daring, and perhaps a little crazy…Go for it!  You don’t have to have a Jagon eye or the ability to generate electricity to start a successful business.
…though it might help.


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