Lesson Three: Music Makes Everything Better

As you can probably tell from the quotes and references lately, I’ve been watching a lot of “Bleach.” Before that, I was watching a lot of “Yu Yu Hakusho.” So while watching “Bleach” something occurred to me…when all seems lost, all you need is a kick ass theme song and you’re back in the game.

This can be seen in “Yu Yu Hakusho” also. Heck, it’s seen in more animes than I can name. But I love that moment when our hero-Yusuke, Ichigo, Serena (yes, that’s a “Sailor Moon” reference), whoever-is battered, bruised, and bleeding, barely able to stand, and all of a sudden The Music is cued up. That Music breathes new life, new power, new fight into our hero and we know before even seeing it that this fight is won.

Of course, it’s not just the great coming-back-from-defeat-to-totally-kick-your-ass theme. We also have the sad flashback theme (“Saiyuki” anyone?), the happy goofy theme, so on and so forth. I should probably take this time to somewhat sheepishly admit that I’m totally in love with the “Bleach” soundtrack and have been using it to motivate me to exercise. I figure if it helped Ichigo reach bankai, it should help me reach getting my butt on the treadmill.

Since we’re talking about music, I think it’s only right to bring up the best anime of all time ever…an anime that is really all about music. “Cowboy Bebop.” I remember waiting for my weekly “Cowboy Bebop” on Cartoon Network and my heart skipping a beat every time I heard that tell-tale opening theme. You know unmistakeably that it’s “Cowboy Bebop” time when you hear that song. In preparation for this post, I actually watched episode 26 on my iPod today to test a theory of mine: it isn’t when Spike is fighting Vicious that I worry; it isn’t when Spike staggers down the steps, says “Bang” and falls that I start to tear up; no-it’s when the music starts after the silence, when the credits are rolling in the sky, and the music is singing about being free that I finally shed a tear.

There it is: Music makes everything better.


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