Is anyone out there? I hope not.

The more anime I watch, the more I realize that art imitates life and life imitates anime.  Every time I have a personal conflict, I find an answer in anime.  Sometimes I find answers I’m not even looking for, which is a little creepy.  I suppose it’s only fair to warn you of two things: 1) since I’ll be using anime to illustrate my point, there will be spoilers-consider this your blanket “spoiler alert”; 2) I’m including manga and Japanese films in this group as well.  So no, it isn’t just about anime.  To wrap things up…I don’t read Japanese, I don’t watch fansubs, and I know there are many purists out there who get livid over an inaccurate translation or voice actors or whatever.  I’m just taking it for what it is so it does no good to get upset about it here.


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